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File Analysis

What is data glut? Data glut, also known as unstructured data, refers to all the uncontrolled data continually growing on your network. This data is comprised of all the documents, spreadsheets, SharePoint data, and social media data and more. Our file analysis solutions allow you to gain control and manage this unstructured data. We help to answer questions such as, what is on your network? Who has access to what? When is the last time this data has been accessed? What can be deleted? What needs to be archived? These are all fundamental questions that organization should be addressing. have the answer to. Business Line Systems assist customers with addressing these needs and more.

File Audit

We assist our customer with implementing a file auditing solution. This solution provides a long term automated approach to managing and securing the unstructured corporate data. We organize classify this, based on corporate data and retention policies.

Customer Identity Access Management

Customer Identity Access Consulting- BLS is a referral partner for Gigya, the leading provider of CIAM solutions. Gigya has a proven track record in customer experience. This SaaS solution combines registration, social login, SSO across your sites, progressive profiling, consent, and support for the upcoming GDPR regulation. Ask Why we recommend Gigya?

File Migration and File Reporting Services
File migration

We offer support assistance to our customers with large migrations projects for their unstructured data or Windows shares. We provide a complete analysis of data prior to migration.

File Reporting

Just want to know what is being stored on the network. BLS offers our customers assistance with scanning the network, providing reports for, aging, permissions, access and ownership.

Secure File

Business Line Systems assist customers with implementation of secure file sharing. This approach allows organizations to share files without any documents ever having to leave the premise. Ask us how?

Web Development

BLS offer customers a complete web development service. Ask about how we get your website to make money for you ?

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